Ceratophora karu
Ceratophora karu male | Chamod Goonathilake Β©

Ceratophora Karu is an endemic species in Sri Lanka. The smallest agamid lizard in Sri Lanka.Very tiny lizard with a rostral appendage on the snout. The Male is smaller than the female and dark-colored. Male is Dark Brown in color. The Female is yellowish-brown in color. Found in leaf litter and between Roots. Terrestrial and diurnal species.

Distribution: Restricted to Morning Side and Gongala ( Sinharaja Rain Forest)

Diet: insects

Reproduction: C. karuΒ isΒ oviparous. About 2 eggs are produced at a time, measuring 8.6Β mm x 5.0Β mm.

Ceratophora karu male
Ceratophora karu male | Chamod Goonathilake Β©
Ceratophora karu female
Ceratophora karu female | Chamod Goonathilake Β©
Pethiyagoda R. K. Manamendra-Arachchi. A revision of the endemic Sri Lankan agamid lizard genus Ceratophora Gray 1835 with description of two new species


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