Most Beautiful White Animals in the World

Most Beautiful White Animals in the World

People have always believed that white animals were special. Some claimed they had magical properties. And seeing such an animal was considered incredibly lucky or even a blessing of the gods. This is not surprising because there are not that many albinos out there. Most often, because of their unusual colour. White animals simply can’t survive for long in the wild. But the fact that they’re so rare makes them more valuable, and their unusual appearance makes them more precious.

1. Gorilla

File:Snowflake - Barcelona Zoo White Gorilla- Wikimedia Commons -
Barcelona Zoo White Gorilla

It’s one of a kind named snowflake a western lowland gorilla. According to the official records, it was caught in Equatorial Guinea, in 1966 and then sold to Barcelona. The hunter who captured him killed all the other gorillas from the snowflake family. He decided to keep the most unusual animal from the pack. First, the Barcelona Zoo which bought the albino gorilla didn’t know how unique snowflake was the employees even asked to bring more white gorillas to breed them in captivity. Soon scientists found that snowflakes parents had 12% of their DNA in common. Perhaps this information doesn’t mean anything to you, but the researchers immediately realized that snowflakes parents were an uncle and a niece. Both of them had the gene responsible for albinism and inherited by snowflake.

Snowflake (gorilla) - Wikipedia

Very soon the albino gorilla became famous throughout the world. The image of a snowflake printed on postcards in guidebooks he became the unofficial mascot at the Barcelona Zoo. Several documentaries for dedicated to him. in total the white gorilla fathered 22 offspring. Six of them survived to adulthood.none of them are an albino though however snowflakes great-grandson Macau has pink fingers. Which are perhaps suggestive of post albinism. In 2001 snowflake was diagnosed with skin cancer. In the end, the gorilla’s condition worsens so much that they decided to put an end to his suffering. snowflake lived 37 years that’s about 80 by human standards.

2. Alligator

File:Rico - Albino Alligator.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


just imagine how difficult it is for albino alligators to live in the wild. After all, they do have to be stealthy to get to their prey. They also need to see it albinism affects the vision too along with skin eyes don’t see that well that’s why most of the albino alligators live in zoos. Where nothing threatens them and food comes on schedule and doesn’t try to escape from them. Several zoos around the world keep unusual white-skinned alligators.

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But the white colour of the animal is not always caused by albinism, for example, Blanco, a white male alligator, didn’t have this condition. The reptile has lived in the Houston Zoo since 1992 after that it retired from zoo life and went to live in a particular home. This alligator does not have skin pigmentation, which suggests albinism. Still, Blanco’s eyes are blue that is quite ordinary.according to scientists, the alligator has leucism a mutation that causes a partial loss of pigmentation.

Blue eye of the white alligator | Quinn Dombrowski | Flickr

3. Deer

white deer (but it's not albino)

white deer are fascinating creatures often featured in stories about the Snow Queen well you can also see them on a box of Christmas cookies, but these unusual animals exist. Not only as fantasies and myths moreover they can be found in different parts of the world.for example in Finland and America the district of Seneca New York is home to one of the largest herds of white deer in the world. They’re not albinos although many may think so. They simply carry a set of recessive genes that make the deer’s skin completely white.

It all started when the local deer population with white-tails isolated. Among them were species with completely white skin. After the ban on hunting white deer introduced, their population grew to 300 animals is the largest herd of white deer in the world. For a long time, the fate of these animals was uncertain because there was a prison nearby and people were also planning to build a Center for the production of electricity based on biofuels nearby. In the end, a land where the white deer live on bought by a local businessman. Fortunately, he respected nature and turned the plot into a park dedicated to these fantastic creatures.


4. Peacocks

Royalty-Free photo: White peacock | PickPik

even ordinary peacocks are incredibly beautiful now just imagine seeing white ones. They are a rare species of the famous blue peacock, and they look like real celebrities. However, these birds are not Albano’s they have blue eyes whereas creatures with albinism have red these birds are just white. It suggested that several white peacocks might be living in the wild in India.

However, most of the birds kept in captivity, so they have a higher chance of survival. Scientists even have an interesting theory about that blue peacocks have a specific colour that helps them hide in the jungle. While white ones can become easy prey for predators. But in captivity where there are no danger peacocks seem to be more relaxed and so more white species are born. And yes, unlike healthy nose gorgeous white peacocks can be bred chicks are born yellow and become entirely white as they mature.

White Peacock Bird - Free photo on Pixabay

5. Zebras

File:Albino zebra.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

can an albino zebra become completely white? Well not entirely, of course, the black stripes will be much less visible and from a distance. They may not be visible at all, but they will remain in their place, especially in case of partial albinism.

However light-skinned species are rare. they usually not Albino knows just carriers of leucism make their skin lighter though the stripes are still distinguishable. Over the years such species can sometimes even acquire the natural colour.

File:Albino Zebra.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

6. Whale

Migaloo - the albino humpback whale | Lisa Koivu | Flickr

yes, there are white whales, so this white whale is known as Migaloo. And scientists have been observing it for many years. This humpback whale first recorded in the 90s off the coast of Australia, and at that time it was the only white whale in the world. Migaloo was born sometime between 1986 and 1989, which means that the whale is at least 30 years old. Now as this is quite a lot because due to the unusual colour, few albino animals manage to live long.

Scientists aren’t sure whether Bigelow is an albino or just has leucism. You can watch the white whale only from afar. The Australian government passed a law.according to which the distance between people and Migaloo should be at least 500 metres. However remote monitoring of the white whale continues, and from time to time marine biologists post videos to show people he’s alive.well. You may ask though how do scientists manage to track Migaloo without any beacons or other devices well we are talking about a 15-meter mammal weighing 40 tons. You have to admit it’s quite difficult not to notice it. Also, Migaloo, like other whales, migrates every season. And if you have patience, you can see a white giant with your own eyes.


7. Turtles/Terrapins

NC Aquarium Albino Turtle
They can be either completely white or have little pigmentation on the shell. Of course, in the ocean these creatures wouldn’t survive for long life in aquariums is safer. However, for these unusual Turtles/terrapins.there are albinos among all turtle species from ordinary sea turtles to softshell turtles.

8. White lions

Knuttz - White Lion

another animal that looks as if it came straight from an illustration of a fairy tale or an ancient legend. White lions are extremely rare although they are not albinos .this isn’t a separate subspecies either the white colour is caused by a specific genetic disorder. Yes, it’s leucism again, which results in lighter coat colour. This process is the opposite of melanism, which causes dark coloring in black panthers.

White lions can be found in South Africa but most often like other white animals they live in captivity because surviving in the wild. When your coat is so light is almost impossible hunting is challenging for these animals, which means that they can starve at the same time. The white lion is an easy target for poachers, but in the zoos, these rare predators feel quite comfortable and even breeds successfully. For example, in 2015 for white lion cubs were born at the Toronto Zoo.

9. Penguins

File:Snowdrop.penguin.600pix.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

if there are white crocodiles whales and peacocks why shouldn’t that out be no penguins? Yes, we’re used to black and white penguins, but an utterly unusual animal discovered near the South Shetland Islands tourists of the National Geographic cruise journey. Time Tom Tucker spotted a weird white penguin turns out that there are white penguins in nature scientists assume that the unusual penguin is not an albino. However, its colour is the result of a genetic mutation that dissolves the pigment in penguins feathers. Uniform lightening of a bird’s dark colours turning the animal a greyish yellow or a pale brown. The only natural colour doesn’t affect the life of the animal. However, it’s just as active as the fellow penguins.

The most exciting thing is that the white penguin is not one of a kind. Another one spotted in a colony at the Chilean station Gonzales Videla. It belongs to the sub-antarctic penguin family and has even become an unofficial symbol of the station. The penguin was named Marilyn Monroe. So they say that the polar explorers made a mistake here the penguin is a male.


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