TeamWildFreaks is your one-stop connection to a natural atmosphere of adventure and amazing up-close animal encounters. Our vision is to distribute a proper knowledge about the environment all over the world. We hope It will be helped to the conservation of our planet for current and future generations. This is the place to discover our stunning stories from our brave adventurers. When mistakes are made, we will correct them to our utmost ability as respect and care for the natural world remains a top priority.

This is our team;

Mohamed Shafran Packeer

AKA “The Big Boss”

Tech Enthusiast, Monsterfish Enthusiast, Rising Environmentalist, Explorer, Wildlife Photographer, Chief Editor of Wild Freaks and a member since the start.

“My ultimate target is catching Walago attu and beating Jeremy Wade!”

  Chamod Gunathilake    

AKA the “Master Mind”    

Undergraduate Student at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Peradeniya, An explorer and a knowledge Seeker. Member since the start

“The truth is I am Batman!”

Yesitha Rodrigo

AKA “The Brave”

Wildlife Photographer, Monsterfish Enthusiast, Naturalist, Snake Geek, Member since the start

“If it’s VENOMOUS!! I’m gonna touch it!”

Methinda Mahesh Dhamsara

AKA “Kvasir”

Undergraduate student at the Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya.

Creative Aquascaper, Knowledge seeker, Owner of @Dammascape

“I’m gonna create this river in my 2*2 tank!”

Vihansa Jayasinghe

AKA “The Little Bullet”

Undergraduate student at the Faculty of Engineering, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology.

Knowledge Seeker, a Researcher