THIS FROG known to eat anything INCLUDING SNAKES

frog eat snake
Yasantha Wiraj ©

Snakes are well known for the ease with which they swallow their prey whole, but for one unlucky reptile, the tables appear to have turned.

Social media user shared the unusual images which seem to show the reptile’s dying as a large bullfrog devours it.


Yasantha Wiraj

ගොඩක් කල් සිදුවීමක් මලුවෙක් දියනයෙක්ව ගිලින එකක් දැක්ක එපාර මෙක මතක් උනේ.කලාතුරකින් වෙන සිදුවීමක්..


however, the frog species appeared in the image is a Hoplobatrachus crassus, also called Jerdon’s bullfrog, have all been known to eat anything they can fit into their mouth from small insects, fish even snakes, and mice!!!!!!!! along the inside of their mouth (where our teeth would be) they have a long ridge that stretches the length of their “lips” this ridge is hard and bony, and much like Shattered Glass. Often times these frogs have such voracious appetites, they have been known to eat so much it literally kills them, causing their stomach to rupture. A smaller snake, such as a juvenile of most any kind, and smaller species can certainly become the main course for a hungry bullfrog or something similar. They do in fact hunt, unlike what someone else mentioned above, but most of the ones large enough to eat prey like that are what you would call “ambush” predators, usually waiting until something crosses their path to take advantage of the meal.

frog eat snake
Yasantha Wiraj ©
frog eat snake THIS FROG known to eat anything INCLUDING SNAKES
THIS FROG known to eat anything INCLUDING SNAKES | Yasantha Wiraj ©


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