Fig 01. Panthera pardus kotiya ©Pixabay

One man was reportedly killed by a leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) inside the Kumana National Park. This news was reported on the second last day of the year 2020 (30th of December 2020). Right after 2 days; 01st of January 2021, another attack was reported within the same area of Kudumbigala Sanctuary. According to environmentalists; both of these attacks might be done by the same leopard. Today’s (01/01/2021) victim was rescued and admitted to Ampara hospital. The man that was killed by a leopard on 30/12/2020 was a farmer and his agriculture land is situated inside the Kudumbigala Sanctuary where the leopards are constant. Around 10 PM the victim was attacked by the leopard and killed in the premises. The dead body was taken by the police for further investigations. After today’s (01/01/2021) incident a few locals(riots) were arrested by the police.

On 19th of April 2019, a leopard had attacked the group of labourers who were attending to internal road development work in Okanda area at the Kumana National Park. One man was killed and another seriously wounded in this attack. The leopard was shot killed in the premises. One of  This news was reported from the area that situated just 10km away from the recent incident.


Leopard kills man inside Kumana National Park


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