black panther sri lanka
black panther sri lanka

A rare black panther has been discovered after it was caught in a trap near a vegetable farm in Walamale of Lakshapana Tea Estate within the Nallathanniya Police Division.

Wildlife officers said that the black panther was found caught in a wire trap and wounded while police protection has been provided until veterinarians of the Wildlife Department arrive and tranquilize the animal and release it from the snare. The rescue was under the direction of Dr. Malaka Abeywardena of the Ella ‘Eth Athuru Sevana’ Veterinary Hospital in Udawalawa and Dr. Akalanka Pinideniya of the Randenigala Veterinary Hospital.

Officials of the Nallathanniya Wildlife office said that the black leopard was about 8 years of age and was a well-grown animal six feet in length and 4 feet in height.

The Sri Lankan Panther has been a mystery for many years and sightings throughout recent history have been very rare due to the low population numbers and the solitary nature of the animals.

black panther sri lanka
black panther sri lanka

Wildlife site security officer of the Nallathanniya Wildlife office, Prabhash Karunatillaka said that about 1% of black leopards belonging to the Panthera Padus kotiya type which have grown based on gene mutilation live in forest reserves of Sri Lanka. A black panther is the melanistic colour variant of any Panthera.

The Sri Lankan black panther was last seen decades ago when an animal was discovered in a trap in Mawuldeniya, Pitadeniya.

Since then the black panther was thought to be extinct as conservationists have been unable to find any evidence for them in the wild.

However, in January this year extraordinary new footage had emerged showing the sighting of four panthers roaming freely in forests near Adam’s Peak.

The black leopard is also known as the black panther is to be released to the Sri Pada reserve after treatment.

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source – ada derana


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