some random jumping spider
A random jumping spider from a copyright free website.

Sri Lankan researchers have described the first-ever species of jumping spiders from the genus Pancorius. Genus Pancorius is recorded for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Following 8 are the newly described spider species in Sri Lanka.

  • Colopsus cinereus
  • Colopsus ferruginus
  • Colopsus magnus
  • Colopsus tenuesi
  • Evarcha latus
  • Pancorius alboclypeus
  • Pancorius altus
  • Pancorius athukoralai

The findings were made by Sri Lankan researchers Dr. Nilani Kanesharatnam and Prof. Suresh Benjamin.

Research Article :
Phylogenetic relationships and systematics of the jumping spider genus Colopsus with the description of eight new species from Sri Lanka (Araneae: Salticidae)

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