Sri Lankan Pipe Snake (Cylindrophis maculatus) ยฉYesitha Rodrigo

Sri Lankan Pipe Snake is a rather bizarre look snake that spends most of its time underground in loose soil emerging to the surface after sunsets often seen after a slight rainfall. This is an endemic species to Sri Lanka With a cylindrical shaped smooth body with iridescent scales and a very short tail.

When threatened these snakes flattens themselves and often hides their head under the flattened coils of their bodies and rises up their tails. This causes their predators to think that itโ€™s the head they have raised up and attempts to attack the tails this gives a fighting chance for theses snakes to escape without harm to their head or vital organs.

When threatened | Sri Lankan Pipe Snake (Cylindrophis maculatus) ยฉ Yesitha Rodrigo

Sri Lankan Pipe Snakes are found in the wet zone of Sri Lanka up to and above sea level can be seen in habitats such as rainforests, plantations, and even home gardens. These Snakes are Non-Venomous feeding on earthworms and other fossorial snakes even their own kind. Doesnโ€™t usually attempt to bite if handled but if bitten a bite can be extremely painful. This is an ovoviviparous species giving birth to live young 1-15 young one in a Clutch measuring around 10cm when they are born adult specimens can reach over 2 feet in length.

Smooth, shiny and iridescent scales |Sri Lankan Pipe Snake (Cylindrophis maculatus) ยฉ Yesitha Rodrigo


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