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Why Do So Many Deadly Animals Live in Australia? – Australia’s Lethal Legacy

Australia, often referred to as the Land Down Under, is known for its stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, and diverse ecosystems. One aspect of Australian...

Jellyfish: Guardians of the Deep or Ocean’s Silent Killers?

Jellyfish, captivating marine creatures belonging to the phylum Cnidaria, share their lineage with corals and sea anemones, despite not being true fish. Their defining...

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Most Beautiful White Animals in the World

People have always believed that white animals were special. Some claimed they had magical properties. And seeing such an animal was considered incredibly lucky...

Poison vs. Venom; What’s the difference?

Poison vs Venom, Would you rather be bitten by a venomous snake or touch a poisonous frog? Wait, what's the difference between poison and venom,...

Why More than 100 whales beached on the Panadura Coast, Sri Lanka

It is reported that more than 100 whales have been dumped on the Panadura beach. The whales have been stranded on the beach since...

Common Rat Snake ( Ptyas mucosa maximus)

  Rat Snakes are certainly a species that almost every Sri Lankan knows commonly found urban and populated areas the main reasons for this is...

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