Top 10 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures

World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures

World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures

the deep blue sea has its own list of dangers that don’t involve drowning we countdown the top 10 list of most deadly fish in the world and dare you not to cringe at number 8

Number 10

piranhas, these tiny predators have a bad reputation but piranhas mostly feed on plant matter or scavenge off already dead animals they are however capable of effectively stripping meat from bones with their 4-millimetre-long razor-sharp teeth and they are endowed with a keen ability to detect blood so if you’re sporting even a minor injury while in the Amazon it’s best to stay out of the water.

Piranha | World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures


Number 9

tigerfish these voracious creatures can grow up to 6 feet in length and live in most African freshwaters tiger fish possessed dagger-like teeth that jut out when their mouths are closed they’re not particularly dangerous to humans except when agitated  as they often are when reeled in on a fishing line tiger fish bites can be as painful as a wasp sting and they have an ability to release tiny hairs that cost severe irritation to human skin

Tigerfish | World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures

Number 8

Candiru these tiny parasitic fish are often found in the gill folds of other fish in the Amazon River feeding on blood and growing up to an inch long rumour has it that these fish are likely to swim into genital orifices and lodge thereby extending spines into the flesh while there has only been one documented case in recent history it’s probably best if you don’t change this one by going commando swimming in the Amazon basin

candiru | World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures

Number 7

electric eel growing up to nine feet long the electric eel process is the ability to admit a 600-volt shock into the water around it these shocks stun other fish so that the eel finds it easier to swallow them whole or that they may reveal themselves if camouflage however such a high voltage could cause heart failure in humans and potentially cause death

Electric eels | World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures

Number 6

wels catfish native to Central and Eastern Europe this 10 foot long catfish makes for an aggressive predator in 2008 a spate of attacks were reported off the coast of Russia after which some wels catfish individuals revealed partly digested human remains in their bellies currently it is unknown if these humans were eaten alive or if they were drowned first a little something to think about the next time your cousin convinces you to go noodling

European Catfish | World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures

Number 5

bull shark the bull shark can be found in all warm oceans but also in some fresh waters giving them twice the opportunity for attack bull sharks are twice as aggressive as great whites and will attack anything in their way including other sharks while great whites may bite humans to test their quality as a source of food all sharks are fairly more territorial and will most likely attack to kill

Bull Shark | World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures

Number 4

Pufferfish also known as Blowfish this fish species inflates up to twice their original size and can be found in both fresh and sea waters the largest of the species can grow up to three feet and all puffers have highly toxic tetra Doctson in their livers kidneys ovaries and eyes for which there is no cure yet pufferfish is enjoyed as a delicacy in Japan Korea and China just as long as is prepared by a specially trained chef dummy

Pufferfish | World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures

Number 3

red lionfish these beautiful fish are often kept as pets by aquarium enthusiasts made of two Indo Pacific waters they have only a few predators given their highly venomous spines that cause difficulty breathing and nausea once injected lionfish are invasive species and are becoming more prominent in Atlantic waters disrupting the ecosystems in these places


Number 2

stonefish are often found in shallow waters among rocks and mudflats because of their natural camouflage they have few predators and in addition, they are highly venomous and can inject poison into the skin of their attackers the venom causes incredible pain and potential death go of all stonefish stings in Australia no deaths have been recorded


Number 1

box jellyfish even the least seasoned beachgoer can attest to the pain of a jellyfish sting although none can come as close to the sting of a box jellyfish which has been dubbed the most venomous marine creature in the world around 100 people are estimated to die from box jellyfish stings every year as the venom affects the heart and nervous system and they claimed the lives of victims before they even reach the shore

Box jellyfish - carybdea sivickisi

World’s Most Dangerous Aquatic Creatures reference – internet

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